Cameron Prestidge, Chairman

Cameron has been an active director of RRT since its inception and is the current chairman of the Board. Cameron is Director and General Manager of a private company providing industrial equipment to the manufacturing sector throughout New Zealand. Cameron brings a variety of skills and experience to RRT’s board, with a strong focus on team motivation, new initiatives, and is involved in the daily management of RRT.

Daniel Steele

Daniel is one of nine founding directors of RRT. When not engaged in RRT activities, Daniel acts as the Manager of a large wholesale nursery business in Auckland. In addition to being a member of the board, Daniel’s skill set of procurement, HR and team management has made Daniel invaluable in assisting with the operational side of RRT including event planning, event management and equipment procurement.

Daniel Blampied

Danny’s professional career spans over 15 years as an experienced consultant on material handling and end of line packaging equipment. He is a Founding Director of RRT, and currently serves as the Marketing Director. Danny’s previous experience in marketing roles has proved an invaluable asset to RRT, particularly with the introduction of Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media platforms. In addition to his role on the Board, he is also an active volunteer in the Northland area.

Edward Davis

Eddie accepted an RRT directorship role in late 2015, and brings a wealth of experience and valuable financial expertise to RRT gained from managing one of New Zealand’s leading smallgoods producers in Rangitikei. Eddie was pivotal in the setup of RRT as a charitable entity in New Zealand and is actively involved in the fundraising and finance aspects of RRT New Zealand.

Matthew Smith

Matthew commenced as one of the first RRT volunteers and was elected to the Board in 2015. Matthew is the General Manager and one of six Directors of a horticultural, industrial, and vinicultural equipment and manufacturing business in Hawke’s Bay, bringing valuable business experience to RRT New Zealand. Matthew is actively involved with the event management and team training.

Ronald Malcolm

Ronnie joined the RRT Board in late 2019, having supported as a volunteer during the Pigeon Valley fires earlier that year. He is a Director of a Nelson based company providing fluid transfer systems and brings a range of skills to RRT including business management, sales management and system engineering. Ronnie has added energy to the RRT management team, and is passionate about the further development of RRT’s services and support for those in need.

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