Driver Training Program

The young people of New Zealand continue to be a key focus area for Rapid Relief Team (RRT). Young, energetic and in the prime of their lives, RRT realised the value of supporting these youngsters and helping to make a positive impact on their future.
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RRT Recycled Soap

Good hygiene is the key to a healthy lifestyle, but for some people around the world, access to personal hygiene products, such as soap, is out of reach.
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School Stationery Program

Many New Zealand schools and families cannot afford basic stationery for their children to learn at school, which is essential in preparing them for their future.
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RRT Food Box

Working with people in crisis is at the heart of what we do at the Rapid Relief Team (RRT), and in 2018, we launched an innovative initiative, RRT Food Boxes, to provide immediate relief when it is needed most.
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