From supporting the Go Yellow event fundraiser, where volunteers served over 800 meals, to attending Operation Hydrate in London and supporting emergency service personnel during a training exercise, the RRT team demonstrated care and compassion to communities near and far. Let’s dive into the summary of the month’s events!


The month kicked off with the Go Yellow event, a fundraiser bringing together more than 1,200 primary students from 17 schools in the surrounding area for a special 5K walk. The team served over 800 meals to the enthusiastic participants, ensuring that they were energized throughout their fundraising journey.


In a bustling city like London, the summer heat can be relentless. With a mission to provide relief and support, the RRT gathered over 45 volunteers to take part in Operation Hydrate. Armed with 23,040 bottles of water, the team offered hydration to commuters, spreading joy and quenching the thirst of those in need.


Recognizing the dedication of emergency services personnel, RRT volunteers extended their support by providing burger meals during a Fire & Evacuation Team Training exercise, ensuring the emergency crews were well-fed and watered, ready to respond later in the day if an emergency arises.


Throughout the month, from providing meals, refreshing water, and supporting those taking part in fundraisers, commuters, and emergency service personnel, the RRT aims to embody the spirit of giving back.


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