From Belfast to Maidstone, over 1,000 RRT volunteers have supported a total of 68 events in July.  From supporting local communities, emergency services, and schools, the RRT team have cooked up over 38,000 meals! Let’s take a dive into some of the events.


At the start of the month, RRT Southampton supported YMCA and the Children’s Society at the Young Carers Festival, providing 1,300 burger meals to young carers. This event not only welcomed 1,000 carers across the country to take part in a weekend of rest and fun, its offers a space away from their care and responsibilities.


On the 5th of July, as the United Kingdom celebrated 75 years of the NHS, Cambridge RRT volunteers attended the Addenbrookes Hospital, serving burgers to NHS staff to thank them for their unwavering dedication, compassion, and lifesaving service.


The Ukrainian Refugee Hub, organised by the Bristol North West Food Bank, took place on Saturday the 22nd. Over 150 meals were served by the Bristol RRT volunteers, to the Ukrainian refugees housed in Bristol, along with the gifting of Ukrainian Bibles.


The NACN, who provide support to young people growing up in socially disadvantaged areas, held a NACN Summer Scheme. This was an inspiring event, enabling children to develop and grow their skills, in order to help with future goals and aspirations.


RRT Volunteers from Maidstone supported the Woodstock Festival, an event supporting the pupils of Five Acre Wood School. The school is a successful outward-looking Special School, based over 3 sites in and around Maidstone, Kent. They are one of the largest Special Schools in the country, with over 750 pupils.


Banbury RRT volunteers supported the London Fire Brigade USAR training exercise, where firefighters and search and rescue teams respond to life-like events, in order to develop their skills. Through serving RRT meals and refreshments, we believe that wellbeing and morale are boosted, ensuring that training events like these are successful.


On Saturday the 8th, Shefford Fire Station hosted an Open Day, bringing the local community together for a day filled with fun, education, and food. RRT Volunteers served over 200 meals to the community.


RRT volunteers from Bristol supported the MoD Multi-Agency Training event, a joint event involving Avon Fire, Urban Search and Rescue, Ambulance and the Armed Forces. In order to maximise the training time, as part of the United Kingdom’s ongoing resilience mission, RRT served breakfast, lunch, and dinner to the crew members.


As we reflect on last month’s events, whether it be supporting, emergency services, refugees, local communities, or schools, RRT teams from the United Kingdom have extended their support to where it’s needed the most.


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