When RRT started out back in 2013, it’s fair to suggest that we would’ve never once anticipated that one day, our charity would be providing support to those displaced by war, wildfires, earthquakes, and other significant global events. Or that we would create a product like our Food Boxes which would become a lifeline to millions in crisis. Or even that our charity would become a symbol of compassion and a beacon of hope both in local communities and on the world stage. And yet here we are, ten years on – through the support of our fourteen thousand volunteers globally – we have achieved just that!

The Rapid Relief Team is now officially ten years old and our commitment to providing care and compassion to those in need is still just as strong as it was at the start.

In celebration of reaching this significant milestone, we have launched our very own Lego-style set, consisting of the iconic RRT Red Tent, BBQ Trailer, two RRT volunteers, and our signature burgers, hot dogs, and coffees. This new product allows for everyone to get fully immersed in the whole RRT experience as a volunteer – and with it being fully compatible with any Lego pieces already on hand, creativity is waiting to be unleashed!

Our new product is destined for Australia, New Zealand, North America, France, Germany, Sweden, and the UK – brining the RRT Red Tent event to life in all corners of the globe. And that’s exactly how the RRT strive to go on. We are committed to continuing our support of all humankind and will keep on touching the hearts of millions globally.

Cheers to ten years!


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