Australia has been hit with extreme heat waves, resulting in the hottest weather in years. Volunteers from across Australia have rallied together to support in the Narrabri, Hill End and Moonie fires, providing meals to firefighters in action.

Bringing water in Bulk destined for Curraweela and Tambaroora, RRT’s bulk water carrier of 576,00 litres made its way to fight the Hill End blaze. With 60 firefighters by day and 30 by night over 9 nights, RRT found sustainable ways to transport 3,000 prepared meals into several locations regardless of the rugged terrain and difficult access.

“These men and women, these volunteers – they are brave people putting themselves out there to protect people and property. The volunteers of RRT strive to support these frontline champions and we will continue to look for new ways to help them as they help the community.”

RRT Director, Lester Sharples

With light at the end of the ashes, Bathurst volunteers provided meals for the New South Wales Rural Fire Service Association Family Day event, with families of firefighters who supported the recent outbreak joined in on a fun day out.

With a combination of over 4,044 meals served to emergency teams and people affected, and 678 hours gifted from volunteers, the uniting power of our volunteers was stronger than ever.

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