On Saturday, October 13, RRT Stonewall showed their appreciation for the local fire hall by providing a hot breakfast of pancakes, sausages, and hot drinks. The meal was available to all townsfolk at the fire department and was totally free, but donations were accepted.

Fire crew members getting some food

It was a fun morning for everyone – townsfolk, the fire department, and the RRT members! The local fire department held a few demonstrations to raise awareness on how to react in different fire situations. They simulated a few real fires and trained those around on how to put the fires out, as well as giving tours of their fire safety trailer. Sparky the Fire Dog was also present at the event and helped spread the important message of fire safety to the children.

RRT members serving breakfast
Sparky the Fire Dog

Understanding fire safety is important for everyone to be aware of, but many of those that attended realized how little is actually known about how to deal with potentially dangerous situations that may arise. “Did you know that the best way to put out a kitchen fire of oil igniting is by sliding a baking sheet over top of the fire and smothering it? Or when your house or office is on fire, you need to drop on to your hands and knees to avoid breathing in smoke? Or how to correctly use a fire extinguisher?” These were a few examples of the demonstrations. Although it may not be the first time these messages have been heard of, the rehearsal of them is time well spent. So, many thanks to the fire department for taking the time to educate the crowd!

Service with a smile

The fire department was very grateful for the help and support of the local community in raising the much-needed funds, as well as the meal provided by RRT.  It was an enjoyable event to host, and the Rapid Relief Team looks forward to completing similar events in the future to show appreciation to local communities and return the support they provide.

Enjoying a free breakfast provided by RRT

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