Sometimes we take living for granted, but for the homeless, some necessities for life such as food can become scarce.
On Saturday 16th November, RRT volunteers took the pleasure in hosting a “Feeding the Homeless” Event in Kingstown, St. Vincent where the streets are home to some of those underprivileged.
As we set up tents and tables, the odour from the smoking BBQ’s caught the attention of many passers-by, of which many enquired about the purpose of the event.
Impressed by the voluntary acts of RRT, many thanked the team for the good works in supporting a great cause, “feeding the homeless”.
As those from the shelters and nearby streets flocked towards the tables stacked with lunch boxes of burgers and various goodies, you could see the delight in their eyes with many expressing deeply how blessed they are to have charities like RRT who support and give them the hope they look for every day.
Nothing is more inspiring than serving those in need. Another great day for RRT!

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